EHWD (Edge Hardware Design) started out as an enthusiastic side project with the purpose of wanting to make drumming easier for drummers. EHWD (Edge Hardware Design) is comprised of drummers and engineers who are intrigued by how far we can push the innovation boundaries.

Whether you are an aspired drummer struggling to find the suitable cymbal stand, or a working drummer lugging around heavy equipment regularly; we have seen and experienced the challenging spectrum of what it takes to be a drummer. We know from perfecting the rudiments in your drum lessons to being able to play with a full band can be distressing yet rewarding and exciting. That is why we strive to make reliable and affordable drum hardware in order to free the mind to explore creative possibilities while fully immersing in your musical journey without worrying about equipment performance.

We are committed to helping you in reaching your musical ambitions every step of the way. After all, we believe Drummers help Drummers and Drummers support Drummers.

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